What is Tooth Powder?

The origins of toothpaste powder:  


Toothpaste Powder was actually the precursor to toothpaste, originating thousands of years ago and now it’s making a big return. Fun fact, toothpaste was only introduced in 1850!

Tooth Powder was originally made with ingredients such as myrrh, burnt eggshells, crushed animal bone ash, and oyster shells - you definitely won’t find any of these questionable ingredients in our tooth powder though, we’re vegan and cruelty free. 

In 2017, a double-blind, parallel-arm, randomized controlled trial was conducted on 154 participants, aged 33 to 40 years. The trial was to compare regular toothpaste to toothpaste powder, by measuring the amount of plaque and gingivitis present. The results showed that tooth powder showed to be statistically superior to toothpastes in controlling dental plaque and gingivitis.

The ingredients we use and their benefits: 


We use Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Diatomaceous Earth Powder and Magnesium Carbonate in out toothpaste powders, these are all common abrasives that are the cleaning agents in out toothpaste powders, they all help remove plaque, debris and surface stains from your teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate is added to your toothpaste to help in the teeth whitening process and Limonene removes the stains. Tartaric Acid has a buffering and masking effect, so it helps to polish the teeth.
Vitamin E is used to alleviate pain and improve damaged gums.

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